Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures for Actors, Actors’ Working Partners and Fellows in the Actors’ Home Environment

  1. What is an emergency? Sudden illness that leaves someone weak and incapacitated (unable to walk without extreme effort and/or speak, or get up from a fall) is a very infrequent occurrence, but it can happen. We need to be prepared so that someone who is ill receives the best care as quickly as possible. We hope this is a hypothetical plan, but it is important to be prepared! At any time, any one of the team might need the kind of assistance explained below. We refer to the “team” of actor and fellow, and, if appropriate, working partner.

(NOTE: 9-1-1 is the telephone number to call in case of a true emergency. It connects the caller to an Emergency Dispatch Center, which can provide emergency responders to your situations.)

  1. For preventive and emergency care, there should be an emergency list of telephone numbers next to the phone in the space where you are working. (These contacts will likely be for the actor only, thus it would be wise for the fellow and the working partner to carry a similar list for themselves in their wallets.)
  1. If the person articulates s/he is in an acute situation, you can suggest that you:
  • Call a person/doctor on the emergency list.
  • If the person appears more alert and to be in less distress in the time you have become aware of this acute situation, you may wait until the person on the emergency list arrives or you have received instructions from the Dr. as to next steps.
  • If the person appears the same or worse before the closest person arrives or before the Dr. instructs you in what to do, it is imperative that you call 911, even if there are initial wishes to the contrary.
  1. If the person cannot speak and state his/her medical needs, call 911
  1. If the person has one or two of you in the actor’s home with you (actor, working partner, fellow), tell your colleagues that you have been instructed to fulfill your responsibility to call 911 in an emergency.
  1. The Fellow should call his/her academic advisor at his/her school and inform her/him of what is happening as soon as possible. Then, notify the Director of PAL of this emergency. Mobile Tel. #   646-643-8044. jjeffri@actorsfund.org
  1. The Dr. may want to see the person at his/her office. If the person is ambulatory and you are alone with her/him, the Dr. may instruct you to call a cab for her/him and accompany her/him to the Dr.’s office. With the Dr. ‘s recommendation, you may follow those instructions.
  1. If a hospital is recommended by the Dr., and not an office visit, then you will need to call 911. One of the colleagues (Fellow, actor, partner) needs to accompany the person to the hospital, and act as an advocate.
  1. The designated responsible person you have called can then meet you at the designated place (home, hospital). At this point, we hope the person is in the care of a medical professional with an advocate, and that you will not have to continue to stay with them. Fellows should continue to inform their academic advisors and the PAL Program Director on progress.